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Operating from our base in Egham, Graveside Memorials cover the whole of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Sussex and Greater London.  We offer high quality monumental masonry services. We offer various types of memorials including natural stone, granite, marble headstones, kerb sets, children's memorials, cremation memorials, memorial vases, inscriptions and much more.

To speak to one of the members of our friendly team about the selection and fitting of memorials, headstones or kerb sets, feel free to contact us on 07866 840623. We are always pleased to offer help and advice.

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About Us

With over 30 years experience, Graveside Memorials are a family run business who are proud to offer a professional and efficient memorial stonemasonry service. We can help with the difficulties and dilemmas faced during bereavement when choosing and fitting a memorial is required. We're pleased to help you with extensive knowledge of stonemason memorial fitting so you make the right choice for you and your budget.

All of our services include in the price a 7 year guarantee, on all work carried out. This covers workmanship and subsidence at grave sites.

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We offer a wide range of headstones and grave markers made from granite - an extremely strong and hard-wearing material, ensuring an everlasting memorial. Inscriptions carved into granite headstones are there to stay and do not need re-cutting as would be the case with softer stone and some types of marble over time.

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Marble Headstones

A range of headstones and grave markers made from marble which, while not being as hard-wearing as granite, is still robust and allows for elaborate inscription carving.

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Churchyard Memorials

Most churches have regulations governing what headstones and memorials may or may not be permitted. Generally speaking, polished / mirrored surfaces are not allowed, and granite if used, needs to be of the lighter coloured variety.

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Kerb Sets

The majority of our kerb set memorials are made from granite which is a very strong and hard-wearing material. This ensures your tribute is everlasting and inscriptions carved into granite memorials will not need re-cutting, unlike those on softer stone and some types of marble over time.

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Childrens Memorials

Our children's memorials are primarily made from granite which is very strong and hard-wearing. This ensures your precious tribute remains everlasting and will not require the inscription to be re-cut like some softer stones would need and some types of marble over time.

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Cremation Memorials

Most of our cremation memorials are made from natural stone - granite. This type of material is hard-wearing and extremely strong, ensuring your memorial remains an everlasting tribute. Inscriptions carved into granite memorials are long-lasting and will not require re-cutting as some softer stone and some types of marble over time would need.

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Memorial Vases

Most of our cremation memorials are made from granite. This enduring and hard-wearing material maintains your memorial as an everlasting tribute to your lost loved one. Any inscriptions carved into granite will not need to be re-cut (some softer stones and types of marble may require this over time).

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"I can wholeheartedly recommend Murray Dennis and his team at Graveside Memorials. Throughout our interactions Murray was knowledgable, credible and sensitive. He was understanding, flexible and offered valuable suggestions/guidance. The memorial he delivered / installed was first class and sensibly priced. I have no hesitation in offering my full recommendation."

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